International Association of Educators

Article I

The name of this organization shall be International Association of Educators hereinafter referred to as the INASED.


Article II

International Association of Educators (INASED) aims to develop new pedagogies, educational theories and alternative languages for the cross-cultural communication and understanding. The association also aims to promote educational theory and practice worldwide through publications, conferences, cross-cultural activities, international projects, research, online networking and professional development. The INASED encourages its members to pursue, publish, present and disseminate empirical research, theoretical statements, and philosophical arguments on the current issues and future conceptions of educational theory and practice.


Article III

Section 1: This association is open to all educators including undergraduate and graduate students at colleges of education who have an interest in communicating with other educators from different countries and nationalities. All candidates of membership have to submit a membership application form to the executive committee. E-mail address for requesting a membership form and submission is: .

Section 2: Members of this organization are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution and harassment.

Section 3: Membership is terminated at the written request of the member. Annulment of Membership requires a General Meeting of the executive committee, and more than 50% of the members of the committee voting for the annulment.

Section 4: There are two kinds of members – voting members and nonvoting members. Only the members who pay their dues before the election call are called Voting Members and can vote in all elections and meetings and be candidate for Executive Committee in the elections. Other members are called Nonvoting Members.

Dues will be determined and assessed at the first week of April of each year by the Executive Committee.


Article IV

Officers Duties

Section 1: The officers of the INASED shall be:

01. President

02. Vice-Presidents

03. General Secretary

04. Treasurer

Section 2: The President shall call and preside over all meetings, appoint and remove all committees and members of the executive committee, serve as ex-officio member of all committees, assign duties to the Vice-Presidents, General Secretary and treasurer or assume their duties when appropriate, preside as election officer, and perform such other duties as prescribed in the constitution

Section 3: The Vice-Presidents shall assume all duties of the President in the event of absence and carry out other duties as assigned by the President, coordinate the activities of the standing committees and ensure that they are performing their duties in accordance with the INASED Constitution.

Section 4: The General Secretary shall record all meetings and handle all correspondence of the INASED, record a written history of all relevant events that occur in the INASED, represent the INASED at any required meetings, keep a current list of all committee members and relative chair persons, assist the President in presiding over elections, prepare and post a monthly calendar of events.

Section 5: The treasurer shall organize all meetings of academic committee, and be responsible for all money received and spent by the association, subject to prior approval from the Executive Committee. The treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as may be necessary to conform to the requirements herein, prepare a monthly status report for the Executive Committee, and coordinate the semester budget preparation and presentation for the approval by the Executive Committee. All transactions require advance approval of the academic coordinator.


Article V

Election of Officer

Section 1: The President shall be elected at the last week of April and hold office for a period of two calendar years.

Section 2: The outgoing President shall call for elections and should allow reasonable amount of time for a member’s declaration of candidacy to be submitted. Nominations for Presidency shall be opened by the outgoing President to all full members at least 2 weeks prior to the nomination close date. Members wishing to run for Presidency should sign their names on an election sheet provided by the Secretary. The close of nominations shall occur at least 24 hours and not more than 7 days prior to the election date. No nominations will be accepted after the nominations are closed. There will be no write-in votes.

Section 3: The date of the election shall be determined by the outgoing executive committee. Elections shall be held during a general meeting in which only full members present will be allowed to vote.

Section 4: An election is unnecessary if there is only one candidate for the Presidency.

Section 5: Elections shall be held by secret ballot, and the President will be selected by simple majority. If there is not a 50% margin, a run-off election will immediately take place between two top candidates. The presiding officer shall only vote in the event of a tie between two candidates.

Section 6: The President shall select his/her cabinet.

Section 7: If the office of President should become vacant during the term of office, the Vice President shall assume the office. All other vacated offices shall be filled by the Executive Committee.


Article VI

Resignation & Removal

Section 1: The President shall notify INASED of his will to resign in writing, and the resignation shall be approved by the 50% or more of the members of General Assembly. Any Executive Committee member other than the President shall notify the committee of his/her will to resign, and the resignation should be approved by 50% or more of the Executive Committee.

Section 2: In case the President does not fulfill his/her duties, he/she will be removed from the office by the approval of 50% or more of the members of General Assembly. In case any Executive Committee member other than the President does not fulfill his/her duties, he/she will be removed from office by the approval of 50% or more of the members of Executive Committee.


Article VII

Dissolution of the Association

The General Assembly retains the sole right to dissolve the Association which requires a 2/3 majority of the votes at an official meeting.


Article VIII


There shall be an August and an April meeting of the General Assembly. The President is elected in the April meeting for a period of 2 years. The previous Executive Committee has to be clarified by the General Assembly before the new Executive Committee starts its duties. Additional Meetings can be called upon by a petition request of the Executive Committee or 50% or more of the members.

The INASED Executive Committee shall meet once a month during the academic year. Other meetings may be called as requested by the President.


Article IX

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the INASED shall be proposed in writing to the officers no less than two weeks prior to the meeting at which they will be considered for approval. The proposed amendment will be posted at a designated location no less than three days prior to the meeting at which it will be considered for approval. Approval of an amendment requires a two-thirds majority vote of all members present at the meeting.


Article X


Section 1: The INASED shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, nationality, disability or sexual orientation.

Section 3: The INASED shall adhere to the Illinois State’s laws, rules, and regulations. The INASED shall not participate in any form of hazing.


Article XI


1. Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution require General Assembly and follow the procedures of Article VIII

2. Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws require the approval of the majority of Executive Committee or the General Assembly and immediate notification of all members via e-mail or letter.


Article XII

Ratification Of The Constitution And The Bylaws

The ratification requires a General Assembly meeting following the procedures of Article VIII and 2/3 majority of the votes at on official meeting.

Bylaws of the INASED

Article I: Membership

Membership requires a written membership request provided by the INASED. Denial of membership requires the approval of the review committee. If denial is not approved by the review committee, the case is presented in one of the biannual meetings of the General Assembly.

Article II: Dues

There is a membership due decided by the executive committee.

Article III: Duties Of The Executive Committee

The functions of the Executive Committee shall include the following:

01. Review the actions of the sub-committees

02. Approve the annual budget

03. Approve or deny membership

04. Propose amendments to the Constitution and approve amendments to the Bylaws

05. Take action in circumstances not foreseen by the Constitution

06 Initiate and monitor planning for the future operations of the Association.

07. Propose guidelines for fiscal operating policy. Oversee revenue generation and expenses, and examine the financial impact of current and proposed operations of the Association.

08. Monitor relations between INASED and other sub-Associations.

09. Maintain oversight of the public affairs activities of the Association, including the conduct of duties that have been approved by the Executive Committee.

Publications and WebPages of the INASED

Article I

The INASED publishes the International Journal of Progressive Education, and Turkish Journal of Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research. All rights of the International Journal of Progressive Education, and Turkish Journal of Educational Policy Analysis and Strategic Research (Egitimde Politika Analizleri ve Stratejik Arastirmalar Dergisi) are reserved by the INASED.

Article II

The INASED is the owner of the following websites:,