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Association Membership

INASED is situated to promote and stimulate such a world-wide perspective and is committed to doing so to promote excellence and inclusiveness in education research and thereby serve the public good around the world.  is also possible.

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Membership Information

  • International Association of Educators is open to all educators including undergraduate and graduate students at a college of education  who have an interest in communicating with other educators from different countries and nationalities. All candidates of membership must submit a membership application form to the executive committee.  
  • There are two kinds of members – voting members and nonvoting members. Only the members who pay their dues before the election call are called Voting Members and can vote in all elections and meetings and be candidate for Executive Committee in the elections. Other members are called Nonvoting Members.
  • Dues will be determined and assessed at the first week of April  of each  year by the Executive Committee.